David Maxwell

Office: Chapman 308C
E-mail: damaxwell@alaska.edu


I study geometric analysis, general relativity, and inverse problems in ice flow. Drop by my research page for details.

Spring 2023 Courses

Math F651: Topology

Previous Semesters

Fall 2020 Short Lecture Series

An Unhelpful Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

Time: 1pm-2pm
Dates: Tuesday, November 10, 17 and 24
Talk Link: Zoom

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Lecture IISlidesVideo
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Electromagnetism is a deeply geometric physical phenomenon, an aspect that is hidden in its standard presentation. The standard presentation is efficient and effective if you want to teach people how to build radios and motors. But it turns out be be essential to understand the underlying geometry of electromagnetism when studying its relationship with general relativity, a manifestly geometric theory.

In this three-part sequence of lectures we present an unhelpful introduction to electromagnetism in the sense that it is useless for building the intuition needed to construct motors and radios and solar panels, but highlights the very simple geometric ideas and principles that give rise to electromagentism. The talks will be accessible to people with a modest mathematics background (calculus III) who have a passing interest in physics, as well as people who know far more physics than I do who would like to see a mathematician grapple with gauge theory.

The lectures: